How long will the order arrive?
How can I change or cancel my order?
Where is my order?
My package was marked as delivered, why did I not receive anything?
The product I ordered doesn’t fit. What can I do?
Can I exchange a product?

Wearable Pump

How to disassemble the breast pump?
Can I breastfeed on one side and pump on the other?
Can I move around while I pump?
Can I adjust the suction?
How to clean breast pump accessories?
How to sanitize breast pump accessories?
How long should I replace breast pump accessories?
How to measure my breast pump flange size?
Does the breast pump automatically shut down?
No suction?
Making a noise?


How to find the right flange size?
How do I know what bra size I am?
How do I know if the bra fits me well?
Do all of your products fit the same?
How does my size change from pregnancy to nursing?
Should I size myself even though I’m pregnant?


What is the difference between maternity bras and nursing bras?
When do I need to buy a nursing bra?
How do I wash and care for my bras?